Your favorite Bodyshop Classes, Anytime, Anyplace!  Join us for pre-recorded sessions available 24/7 to fit your unique lifestyle.  There are several online fitness class options out there.  We take pride in mimicking and sharing our in-studio classes that are specifically designed to be challenging and versatile, suited for all levels and abilities.  With several class formats available, we strive to have options for everyone.  Select the cards below for additional class information and review the FAQ’s section for additional details.


  • Our On Demand videos vary in lengths and formats.  See the Class Descriptions above for more specific details by class type.
  • Classes are pretty direct and jump right into the workout for the day. Not a lot of fluff. If you ever have any questions, need any assistance or guidance, please reach out.
  • Classes are designed for all levels and abilities. Options for specific movements and modifications are provided in general.
  • If you have any specific needs, limitations or are looking for options or modifications for specific movement, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We are here to help this be a fun and exciting experience.
  • All Videos are hosted through the website for easy access to our full collection. You will need an internet connection and a device with an internet browser for accessing the videos. Phone, Tablet/Ipad, Computer, Etc.
  • Bring a Water Bottle!  
  • Have a towel available, especially for our HIIT classes.
  • Depending on your workout space, Shoes may be desired.
  • While not a requirement, a yoga mat will help to define your workout space for class, provide traction and assist in postures or movements.
  • Equipment needs vary by class. See Class Descriptions for more details. Classes are designed based on limited equipment needs of a typical home studio or things that you may have readily available at home.
  • Clean Up – It is handy to have a bottle of Mat Cleaner or Wipes available for wiping things down when class is done.

Bodyshop On Demand Memberships are available as a stand alone membership, also as an add on for our Studio membership packages. Bodyshop On Demand is included as part of our Unlimited Membership Packages. For New Clients, purchase an on demand package through the Pricing page.  Upon completing your account setup and purchasing your respective On Demand membership, you will have full access to our On Demand library.

LIVE Steam classes are hosted live over the internet and are held at specific class times with our instructors, where they can provide you with real time feedback, answer questions and assist in your practice. On Demand classes are pre-recorded classes and reruns of LIVE Stream classes available to enjoy after the sessions have taken place.

Every class is designed for varying equipment availability and movements. While we strive to give options and modifications for every class format, some of the basic equipment utilized includes, mats, dumbbells, bands and similar home gym equipment. If you have any equipment questions or needs, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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