Welcome to Bodyshop Fitness + Wellness!  Bodyshop is a small group studio committed to your fitness and wellness.  We are a community of REAL people who demand a GREAT workout.  We find joy in all forms of movement at all stages of our lives.  Bodyshop encourages a balanced lifestyle by providing a variety of classes to support you in your journey. 

With only 12 students in each class you’ll get the attention of a personal trainer with the fun of a group!  Seriously though, Bodyshop is committed to making sure you have an amazing experience every time you come to the studio.  Smaller class sizes will ensure that your instructor can give attention to everyone, enhancing your personal experience and providing everyone a safe, effective and personal workout.

From FitHIIT to BarreFit, Cycle to Yin Yoga.  We’ve got classes and instructors to challenge you every step of the way.  New to working out?  We all started somewhere!  We’ll help you work within your limits; offering modifications and variations to support you where you’re at.  No matter your fitness level, your instructor will help you find the level of intensity that challenges you; because change only happens when you get a little uncomfortable.    

Enjoy the music, the community and have FUN!  What are you waiting for?!  Sign-up for your first class and find out what Bodyshop is all about.

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